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Expect compassionate help

When it comes to divorce, the process will place strain on every part of your life. During this time, you need a dedicated and understanding attorney. When you work with me, you'll get the respect and quality representation you need.


My firm provides knowledgeable divorce services to help you through the process. Whether your divorce is uncontested or hotly disputed, we'll help you to move

your case forward.

Expect exceptional representation

Don't choose just any attorney for your divorce. Don't risk unnecessarily delaying proceedings or not receiving a fair settlement. I have a deep understanding of divorce law and the ability to negotiate on your behalf. Speak to us one-on-one about your needs. You can have confidence in my dedication to your case.

Our extensive divorce and annulment services include:


    We recommend, whenever possible, an uncontested divorce because it is faster,

    less costly, reduces the strain in familial relationships, limits mental anguish, and

    you and your spouse, rather than a judge, makes the decisions in the case.

We'll guide you through spousal support and maintenance

Spousal support, or maintenance, is the amount of money given to one spouse to the other as a part of the divorce settlement. This is a payment made over time or in one lump sum. It's not always included, and the court often determines

whether it is needed.


I will help evaluate your circumstances to determine if support is a possibility by looking at your work history, finances, and other information. This ensures you'll

be treated fairly under the law. In many cases, it is only granted in cases of physical disability or where there is a significant discrepancy in the earning power between spouses. Let's discuss your case to discuss whether you may be paying or

obtaining support.

As an aggressive, experienced, and dedicated attorney, you can trust me throughout your divorce.

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