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Committed to your case

The Christen D. Shepherd Law Office in Missouri is focused on preserving your rights and providing dynamic family law counsel. As an experienced Kansas City divorce law attorney and the sole practitioner at my firm, I understand how to build a successful case through meaningful personal interactions and relentless advocacy.

You'll get forceful, reasonable, fair legal representation

I represent clients struggling with a variety of legal issues, including custody disputes and paternity. From the moment you retain my services to the day your case concludes, I strive to provide compassionate counsel that is:


Forceful: In every situation, I push hard to get cases settled. I am not afraid to go to trial, but will do everything within my legal power to help you reach an agreement outside of court. Trial can be an expensive and lengthy process that is

often avoidable.


Reasonable: When you work with me, you can expect that your needs will be addressed and your concerns will be well cared for. I will move your matter steadily toward a favorable resolution, always keeping your best interests at heart. I am a reliable advocate that knows the value of listening, and who can help you develop realistic goals.


Fair: I make an effort to establish honest, informative dialog with each of my clients. I will keep you informed of the legal process and remain passionate about your case from beginning to end. My analysis is thorough, and my advice is candid, so that you are always presented with a clear picture of your situation.

I'm dedicated to working closely with you to resolve your legal matter in the most favorable way possible. No matter how difficult your life seems right now, having an experienced, aggressive attorney on your side makes a difference.

You'll have an attorney that cares about your case

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